Some salient downloadable documents related to rules, procedures, etc. followed by our organization are listed below.
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Serial No.Title of the DocumentLink to view/downloadLanguageValid Upto
1OFB Procurement Manual, 2018./images/icons/pdf.gif 3.1 MB EnglishTill Date
2OFB WHISTLE BLOWER POLICY./images/icons/pdf.gif 589.0 KB EnglishTill Date
3SOP for Engagement of Agents for Export of OFB Products (includes Format of Agreement and Format for Certificate of Authorization./images/icons/pdf.gif 5.5 MB EnglishTill Date
4Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Input Material Inspection as on 02-02-2016./images/icons/pdf.gif 114.4 KB EnglishTill Date
5Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Capacity Verification & Registration Vendors Ver-2.3 as on 12-07-2016./images/icons/pdf.gif 162.8 KB EnglishTill Date
6Annexure to Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ) for Registration of Vendors Version-2.2 (clarification regarding Established Suppliers in OEF group of factories)./images/icons/pdf.gif 8.1 KB EnglishTill Date
7Vendor Registration Request Form - Appendix I to SOP for Vendor Registration./images/icons/pdf.gif 43.8 KB EnglishTill Date
8Vendor Quality Survey Report- Appendix II to SOP for Vendor Registration./images/icons/pdf.gif 79.5 KB EnglishTill Date
9OFB Procurement Manual, 2010./images/icons/pdf.gif 1.0 MB English31-08-2018
10OFB Procurement Manual, 2010 Amendment./images/icons/pdf.gif 142.9 KB English31-08-2018
11Annexures to OFB Procurement Manual, 2010./images/icons/pdf.gif 1.3 MB English31-08-2018
12SOP for engagement of consultant for execution of civil works./images/icons/pdf.gif 205.6 KB EnglishTill Date
13SOP for energy audit./images/icons/pdf.gif 140.9 KB EnglishTill Date
14SOP for execution of civil works./images/icons/pdf.gif 477.2 KB EnglishTill Date
15OFB P&M Manual 2013./images/icons/pdf.gif 5.8 MB EnglishTill Date
16Appendix-V for Application for Renewal of Registration./images/icons/pdf.gif 24.8 KB EnglishTill Date
17OFB Supplier's Quality Manual./images/icons/pdf.gif 1.9 MB EnglishTill Date

Recruitment Rules of various posts in our organisation
Adoption of Integrity Pact in Ordnance Factories Organization More...
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