Apex Board
Apex Board
Constitution of the Board
The Apex Board is headed by Director General Ordnance Factories (DGOF) as Chairman and has 9 Members in the rank of Additional DGOF. Ordnance Factories are divided into 5 operating divisions, depending upon the type of the main products/technologies employed. These are :
  1. Ammunition and Explosives (A&E)
  2. Weapons, Vehicles & Equipments (WV&E)
  3. Materials and Components (M&C)
  4. Armoured Vehicle (AV)
  5. Ordnance Equipment Group of Factories (OEF)
Each of the above group of factories is headed by a Member/Additional DGOF. The four remaining Members are responsible for staff functions, viz Personnel (Per), Finance(Fin), Planning & Material Management (P&MM), Technical Services (TS) and they operate from Kolkata.
Organisation Chart
Last Updated on:2018-05-01
DGOF & Chairman, OFB
DGOF & Chairman, OFB
Name : Sunil Kumar Chourasia
Joined IOFS on 1981-03-25
Chairman since 2017-12-01
Email : chairman.ofb@nic.in

     Shri Sunil Kumar Chourasia, IOFS, has been appointed as the new Director General of Ordnance Factories (DGOF) and Chairman of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) w.e.f. 1st December, 2017. Previously, he was Member, OFB and was in charge of Materials & Components division.
    Graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Jabalpur and thereafter earning an M Tech from IIT Kanpur, Shri Chourasia joined Indian Ordnance Factories Service in 1981.
    He was deputed by the Government of India to United Kingdom for an MBA. Further, Shri Chourasia was in the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi during i n-service training and was awarded an M Phil.
    During his tenure in the Ordnance Factories organization, he gathered rich and varied experience in Production & Operations management, weapon and ammunition manufacturing. He has travelled widely across the globe in his official capacity.
    Shri Chourasia was selected to work in Government of India as Deputy Secretary and thereafter Director in Ministry of Defence from 1992 to 1997. He was Chief Vigilance Officer in PSUs from 2002 to 2005. From 2005 to 2008, he held the post of Director & Commissioner for Departmental Enquiries at Central Vigilance Commission.
    Before taking over as Member at OFB, he was the General Manager of Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project, Trichy & Sr. General Manager of Ordnance Factory Kanpur.


Name : P K Shrivastava
Joined IOFS on 1982-04-08
Member since 2016-08-18
Email : addldg_av.ofb@nic.in

     Shri P.K. Shrivastava, IOFS has taken over as Addl.DGOF & Member/ AVHQ, Ordnance Factory Board with effect from 09-02-2017. Earlier he was Member/ Personnel from 18th August 2016.
    Shri Shrivastava, having Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, joined Indian Ordnance Factories in 1982. In a career spanning 34 years, he has contributed significantly in various capacities in Ammunition Factory Khadki, Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, Ordnance Factory Varangaon, Ordnance Factory Khamaria, Armoured Vehicle HQrs and Ordnance Factory Board HQrs.
    Before taking over as Addl. DGOF & Member/OFB, he was GM/ OF Varangaon and has very ably led Ordnance Factory Khamaria as Sr. General Manager. Besides, he has authored a book on 'Total Quality Management'.


Name : P W Ralegankar
Joined IOFS on 1982-07-05
Member since 2016-09-06
Email : addldg-oef.ofb@nic.in

     Shri P.W. Ralegankar, IOFS is holding the portfolio of Addl. DGOF & Member / OEFHQ since 06-09-2016.
    Besides a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology, Shri Ralegankar further extended his knowledge domain with courses in Machine Tool Design, Information Technology, Human Resource Development & Quality Management, among others.
    Shri Ralegankar joined IOFS in 1982. Since then in his 34 years of service he has worked in various capacities in Machine Tool Prototype Factory Ambernath, Ordnance Factory Bhandara, Ordnance Factory Project Korwa. He successfully led the team in Metal & Steel Factory as Sr. General Manager before taking over as Addl. DGOF & Member, OFB.
    Shri Ralegankar has broadened his experience in working as Regional Director, Staff Selection Commission New Delhi and Chief Vigilance Officer of Khadi & Village Industries Commission.


Name : Saurabh Kumar
Joined IOFS on 1982-07-15
Member since 2016-09-14
Email : mem-ae.ofb@nic.in

     Shri Saurabh Kumar , IOFS took charge of Member/ Ammunition & Explosives from 14-09-2016.
    A 1982 batch IOFS Officer, Shri Kumar has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur He has also exposure to courses on Quality Control, Design & Manufacturing, and Advance Professional Programme on Public Administration from the prestigious IIPA, Delhi.
During the 34 years' long service, he has worked in Field Gun Factory Kanpur, Ordnance Factory Kanpur, Engine Factory Avadi, Ordnance factory Ambajhari & Ordnance Factory Board HQrs.
    Earlier to his taking over as Member / OFB, his immense contribution is remembered as Director/ P&C at DDP and as Sr. General Manager of Ordnance Factory, Ambajhari.


Member/P&MM, TS and ENGG
Member/P&MM, TS and ENGG
Name : D V Sonpipare
Joined IOFS on 1983-02-28
Member since 2017-08-01
Email : memberpmm.ofb@nic.in

     Shri Sonpipare is graduate in Mechanical Engineering and joined Indian Ordnance Factories in 1983. He is a member of professional bodies/institutes like Institutes of Engineers (India) & IIPA, New Delhi. In a career spanning 34 years, he has served in different capacities in Ordnance Factory Bhandara, Ordnance Factory Varangaon, Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Ordnance Factory Nalanda and Ordnance Factory Chanda.
    Before taking over as Addl. DGOF & Member/OFB, Shri Sonpipare has served as General Manager, O.F. Nalanda and Sr. General Manager, O.F. Chanda.


Name : Hari Mohan
Joined IOFS on 1983-08-19
Member since 2017-11-01
Email : mem-wve.ofb@nic.in

     Shri Hari Mohan, I.O.F.S. has taken over as Addl. DGOF & Member/WV&E, Ordnance Factory Board w.e.f. 1st November 2017.
    Shri Hari Mohan joined Indian Ordnance Factories in 1983 with a Honours Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He had been a topper of University of Pune, while obtaining his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Further, he holds an M Phil in Public Administration. In a career spanning 34 years, he has contributed significantly in various capacities in Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, Engine Factory Avadi, Heavy Vehicle Factory Avadi, Ammunition Factory Khadki, Ordnance Factory Bolangir, Ordnance Factory Chanda, Ordnance Factory Dehu Road, OFB New Delhi Office & Ministry of Steel & Mines.
    He has versatile experience in the field of manufacture of Armoured Vehicles, Artillery/Tank, Ammunition, Small Arms Ammunition, Projects Management and Corporate Governance etc. He has made significant contributions in improving the production of Armoured Fighting Vehicles likes Ajeya Tanks, MBT Arjun, Bridge Layer Tanks, Trawls among others. Modernisation of Steel Plants of SAIL during his tenure in Ministry of Steel & Mines is note worthy to mention.
    During his 34 years of career, Shri Hari Mohan has widely visited various countries like Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Nepal during various official delegations / assignments.
    Before taking over as Member/OFB, he had led OFB's prestigious unit i.e. Heavy Vehicle Factory Avadi as Sr. General Manager and Ordnance Factory Dehu Road as General Manager.


Name : Vidya Sagar Verma
Joined IOFS on 1984-06-14
Member since 2018-01-25
Email : mem-mc.ofb@nic.in

     Shri Vidya Sagar Verma, IOFS, ndc has taken over as Addl. DGOF & Member/M&C, Ordnance Factory Board with effect from 25-01-2018.
    After post graduation in Metallurgical Engg. from IIT, Kanpur, Shri Verma joined Indian Ordnance Factories Service in 1984 (Batch 1983). During his 34 years of the service, he has worked in Ordnance Factory Ambarnath, Ordnance Factory Katni, Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, and Grey Iron Factory Jabalpur. In addition, he has got experience as DDG/M&C at Ordnance Factory Board.He has also experience of working as Under Secretary, DDP, Ministry of Defence. In the year 2008, he has completed National Defence College Course (NDC48).
    Before taking over as Addl. DGOF & Member, Shri Verma has led Grey Iron Factory, Jabalpur as General Manager and Ordnance Factory Ambarnath as Senior General Manager


Name : S P Mishra
Joined IOFS on 1983-08-30
Member since 2018-03-02
Email : mem-per.ofb@nic.in

     Shri S P Mishra, I.O.F.S. has taken over as Addl. DGOF & Member/PER, Ordnance Factory Board with effect from 2nd March 2018.After having a Masters in Economics from Utkal University, Shri S P Mishra joined Indian Ordnance Factories in 1983 through Civil Services Examination. In a career spanning 35 years, he has contributed significantly in various capacities in Ordnance Factory Kanpur, Rifle Factory Ishapore, Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Gun and Shell Factory, Field Gun Factory & Ordnance Factory Katni. He was Under Secretary (Finance) in Ministry of Science and Technology during 1989-1992.
    He has had exposure in corporate level administration at Ordnance Factory Board HQ. He was CEO of Ordnance Factory Katni during 2013-2014. He was RD & then Sr. RD of Regional Controllerate of Safety (Eastern Region) from 2015 to 2018 before taking over as Member in Ordnance Factory Board. Shri Mishra also holds an LLB from Utkal University, Odisha and PGDM in General Management from MDI, Gurgaon.


Name : Dr. Marella Anjaneyulu, IDAS
Joined IDAS on 1985-12-24
Member since 2018-04-09
Email : mem-fin.ofb@nic.in

     Dr. M. Anjaneyulu has taken over as Member/Finance, Ordnance Factory Board w.e.f. 09-04-2018. Dr. Anjaneyulu joined IDAS with a Masters in Zoology in the year 1983 from Andhra University. He has done M.A. from Potti Sriramulu Telugu University. Besides Masters, he also possess a Ph.D (2017) on the subject 'A study of Big Bang Theory in the light of Sanskrit Scriptures' from SCSVM - Kanchipuram University. Dr. Anajneyuly has extensive knowledge on 'International Procurement'. He has done Diploma from International Law Institute, Washington DC, USA.
    During his 32 years service, he has worked in various capacities in VFJ, CGDA Delhi, HQ Eastern Naval Command,Vizag, PAO,Secunderabad, IFA HQ SWAC(AF),Gandhinagar, CofA, Avadi, CDA Chennai, PCA(Fys), Kolkata and PCDA, Bangalore.
    Dr. M. Anjaneyulu has also worked as Under Secretary, Ministry of Surface Transport, N Delhi and Dy. Secretary & Director in the Deptt. of Fertilizers, N.Delhi.
    Before taking over as Member/Finance, Ordnance Factory Board, Dr. Anjaneyulu was in the capacity of PCDA, Bangaluru.


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