Apex Board
Apex Board

Constitution of the Board

The Apex Board is headed by Director General Ordnance Factories (DGOF) as Chairman and has 9 Members in the rank of Additional DGOF. Ordnance Factories are divided into 5 operating divisions, depending upon the type of the main products/technologies employed. These are :
  1. Ammunition and Explosives (A&E)
  2. Weapons, Vehicles & Equipments (WV&E)
  3. Materials and Components (M&C)
  4. Armoured Vehicle (AV)
  5. Ordnance Equipment Group of Factories (OEF)
Each of the above group of factories is headed by a Member/Additional DGOF. The four remaining Members are responsible for staff functions, viz Personnel (Per), Finance(Fin), Planning & Material Management (P&MM), Technical Services (TS) and they operate from Kolkata.

Organisation Chart

Last Updated on:2015-03-04

DGOF & Chairman, OFB

Name : S Yamdagni
Joined IOFS on 1978-01-06
Chairman since 2015-02-01


Name : Ashwani Kr. Prabhakar
Joined IOFS on 1978-04-20
Member since 2013-08-30

Member/ WV&E &ICE

Name : Aditya Mishra
Joined IOFS on 1977-09-13
Member since 2014-04-11


Name : Sanat Kumar Das
Joined IOFS on 1977-12-30
Member since 2014-04-11

Member/TS & ENGG

Name : Rajiv Gupta
Joined IOFS on 1979-01-05
Member since 2014-07-01


Name : V P Yajurvedi
Joined IOFS on 1978-12-28
Member since 2014-07-01


Name : P Mishra
Joined IOFS on 1979-04-04
Member since 2014-09-01


Name : S K Rath
Joined IOFS on 1979-07-16
Member since 2014-11-01


Name : Amitabha Roy Choudhury
Joined IOFS on 1979-03-25
Member since 2015-03-02


Name : Sanhita Kar
Joined IDAS on 1982-09-01
Member since 2012-11-16

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